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Redken Haircare

Redken Haircare

Redken is all about transforming your hair and controlling your style. Haircare powered by science and originality. Redken is committed to providing you with groundbreaking products for every haircare need! Redken haircare delivers all that it promises; giving you a vast choice of products to care for your hair everyday.

Redken Haircare - Extreme

The extreme range strengthens, repairs and gives added protection to distressed hair. If you have chemically and mechanically damaged hair then Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning...

Redken Haircare - Colour Extend

Colour Extend is specifically targeted for those with chemically treated hair of any type or texture. Protect and extend the life of your colour investment by preventing colour...

Redken Haircare - All Soft

All Soft gives superior softness and manageability to moisture deprived dry and brittle hair. With added avocado oil, proteins and essential amino acids it effectively seals in...

Redken Haircare - Speciality Products

Clarify, Soothe, Control, combat hair loss and purify with speciality products form Redken. If you suffer from thinning hair then the the Scalp Revive range (was Vivagen) will...

Redken Haircare - Body Full

For all fine to normal hair types, Body Full provides anti-gravity volume and dimension. Added carbohydrates and protein create structure and definition to the hair shaft to give...

Redken Haircare - Blonde Glam

Blonde Glam delivers ultimate shimmering shine for all multi-tonal blondes including highlights. It will treat both natural and chemically applied blonde strands, by strengthening...

Redken Haircare - Curvaceous

All curls are not equal so give them the customised care they crave! Curvaceous is a complete collection of haircare and styling products specially formulated to bring out the...

Redken Haircare - Real Control

Redken has introduced a new line of products especially designed for dry, dense and chemically damaged hair. Do you have high maintenance hair? Do you want to get back in control?...

Redken Haircare - Clear Moisture

Clear Moisture is designed for normal to dry hair that needs a moisture injection! All clear moisture products are light weight and will infuse and seal in condition with Redken's...

Redken Haircare - Time Reset

Redken's new most advanced, groundbreaking tool is here to help reverse years of damage and combat six signs of aging hair - change in texture, diminished density, increased dryness,...

Redken Haircare - Natures Rescue

Introducing Nature’s Rescue, a new collection of paraben-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free haircare essentials from Redken. Ingredients include plant and marine extracts...

Redken Haircare - Smooth Lock

The new Redken Smooth Lock range has been designed to maintain your Smooth Lock salon service, sealing in frizz and improving manageability. Keeping your hair luscious and smooth...

Redken Haircare - Fresh Curls

Can't find what you're looking for? Redken Fresh Curls has now been replaced by the Redken Curvaceous range!   Tired of battling the frizz when you have gorgeous curls just...
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Redken Haircare

Redken Hair Products from Want The Look

We are delighted to be able to showcase our extensive range of Redken hair products. There are many different groups of products and all have been designed to cope with specific types of hair or problems which have been caused by over-colouring etc. Whatever the problem or the reason for it, Redken has the answer.

Redken Hair Products for All Hair Types

Redken is all about transforming your hair and controlling your style. Haircare powered by science and originality. Redken is committed to providing you with groundbreaking products for every haircare need! Redken haircare delivers all that it promises; giving you a vast choice of products to care for your hair every day.

Their trend setting approach promises to deliver indulgent haircare that is technologically advanced to embody modern beauty within everyone!

This established brand has a complete range of haircare products suitable for a range of styles and conditions. 'Extreme' products will add strength to distressed hair; 'All Soft' will soften dry/brittle hair; 'Clear Moisture' treatments are lightweight for normal/dry hair and 'Colour Extend' offers complete protection for colour treated hair.
'Blonde Glam' will activate shine for multi-tonal blondes and highlights and 'Body Full' provides anti-gravity volume for fine hair. 'Smooth Down' adds smoothness for very dry/unruly hair. 'Fresh Curls' soak your hair in moisture for the ultimate frizz control for curly hair; 'UV Rescue' is an essential defence for sun exposed hair and scalp; 'Vivagen' is pure enrichment for thinning hair and finally 'Hair Cleansing' clarifies all hair types. Redken haircare has the solution!

There is a huge choice of products within the Redken range and the easiest way to know what is best for your hair type or problem is by looking through our online catalogue. A brief look shows that the Extreme group of Redken hair products is designed to strengthen and add protection to weak or damaged hair. The Colour Extend group does exactly what the name suggests while the All Soft group gives extra moisture for those customers with dry and brittle hair. There is also a group of Speciality Redken hair products which caters for problems not covered within a specific group. There is also the Smooth Down group which deals with the difficulties caused by dry and unruly hair which can be frizzy, and Smooth Down creates a smoother sleek hairstyle. The Body Full range deals with fine to normal hair and adds volume. Those clients with curly hair need to check out the Fresh Curls, so named in order to reinvigorate the curls.

Shop Online for Redken Hair Products

These are but a few of the products within the Redken Haircare product range and only by taking the time to closely look at all of the individual products within the range will you be able to decide which products are the ones to resolve your haircare difficulties. Any further advice or assistance will happily be given if you either email or ring us. We want you to return to us regularly and to recommend us to your friends. We also want to ensure that you purchase the correct products to deal with the various problems you have with your hair. Every product stocked in our extensive inventory is sold at a discounted price and the specific discount for each item is shown beneath the product details. Additionally to being able to buy at a really good price we also offer our loyalty reward scheme which is available on every product that we sell. When you look at the product description you’ll see the number of points available on that product. The reward points can then be used against future purchases.

Every product stocked in our online catalogue is delivered by standard delivery free of charge within the UK. This applies whether the purchase is for one item or many different products. We are always happy to give advice and to make suggestions if requested. Please ring us and our helpful, friendly customer services team will be delighted to assist you in every possible way. Take a look through our extensive online catalogue of Redken hair products and when you have decided on your choice of products we look forward to receiving your order.